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sales !
sweet lolita, kawaii
Hi girls !

* I'll take paypal
* I have two cats ( attention to allergies )
* I don't smoke
* I ship from france
* I ship to over the wolrd

I want to sell my red bodyline shoes size 240cm ( 37-38 )
I sell that for 20$ ( 15euro ) include shipping and pp fees for france, for the world ask me.
there are black marks, invisible worn and they are polished by me =D

pictures :

- http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647555
- http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647553http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647549
- http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647541
- http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647545
- http://choop-chanana.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=3120584369&id_article_media=37647549

My eglfeedback
sweet lolita, kawaii
Voilà ceci est un artcle sur mes feedbacks , si je vous ai acheté quelque chose ou si vous m'avez acheté quelque chose , je vous invite à poster un commentaire et mettre une note /5 .
Merci à l'avance de vos commentaires :)

In English :

This is an article for my feedback , So if I have bought something or if you have bought something , I invite you to post a comment and put a not /5.
Thank you in advance for your comments :)